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The ‘Sea Explorers of Korea’ is the only non-profit korean youth organization for the sea. Our main aim is to protect and develop our rich sea heritage through our education of the sea and also the actions needed to be taken in order to protect and preserve it.

Since SEK was first founded in 1962 as an affiliated Korean scout organization, the SEK has been working on educating the youth with a maritime mindset. Through our efforts, SEK became one of the primary independent korean youth organizations in Korea. As a result of the unique education progammes, exhibitions, and group activities provided, SEK has expanded a wide range of understanding and knowledge in our cadets of the significant relationship between Korea and the sea.

For the past 51 years, being a member of SEK has been an honorable and proud experience for everyone, and it will stay that way for generations to come. By joining SEK, every cadet will be a part of 14,000 Sea explorers and be grown in various valuable traditions from previous members with pride and a maritime mindset which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

I hope that everyone will become honorable cadets, and that they will make unforgettable memories which they will treasure in their hearts for a lifetime.

Thank you.