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Sea Explorers of Korea continues to provide a diverse range of activities which included Marine Leisure Sports Academy, ¡°On water¡± Training, Water Sports Competition of Dragon Boat, Kayaking, Canoe, Stand-Up Paddle board, Rubber Boat, Survival Swimming, Certificate course, International Exchange Program and Maritime Safety Education. Survival swimming and water safety education is a large focus of our training and we continue to provide maritime safety training to school aged students.

Organizational Business
  • SEK Awards
  • Scholarship
  • National Assembly
  • OJT
  • Leadership Training
Certificate Course

Certification course contained many effective levels of training to self-develop, to achieve many maritime knowledges and training courses.

  • Lifeguard Course
  • First Aid/CPR Course
  • Yacht Training
  • Raftingboat-guide Training
  • Maritime Safety Instructor Course
  • Skiing Training
  • Skin scuba Course
Water Sports Competition
  • Yacht Race
  • International Dragon Boat Festival
  • National Canoe ¡¤ Dragon Boat Competition
  • Kayaking
  • Korea SUP championships
  • Mayor¡¯s Cup Dragon Boat Race
  • Survival Swimming Competition
Maritime Safety Education

A variety of Maritime Safety Education and Training courses were made and provided to the public and schools. As a Youth Organization related with marine activities, Sea Explorers of Korea has been educating and training Maritime Safety Instructors in cooperation with Korea Coast Guard.

  • Maritime safety Prevention Education
  • Emergency Situation in Vessel
  • First Aid, CPR & AED Training
  • Survival Swimming
International Exchange

A lot of members have been participating in ISCA International Exchange Program among ISCA member countries. Sea Explorers of Korea has been sending members International Exchange which is held in Canada, UK, USA, Japan and Hong Kong every year. And, we also have been hosting Korea Exchange Program named ¡°International Youth Sea Festival¡± and inviting sea cadets from ISCA member countries.

  • ISCA Summer Exchange
  • International Youth Sea Festival
  • ISCA Conference