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Classification Tenor Age group
Venus Corps Imitation Leisure Activities
Exploration Corps Understanding Composed of elementary school children aged 7~9
Pioneer Corps Discovery of aptitude Composed of elementary school children aged 10~12
Advance Corps Development of talent Composed of middle school students aged 13~15
Navigation Corps Skill Training Composed of high school students aged 16~18
Ocean Corps Improvement of leadership Composed of college or university students aged 19+
Family Corps Leisure Activitie Composed of family units
Adult Corps Harmonious Family Composed of men and women aged 22+
S.E.K consists of eight corps according to their age. Corps activities are arranged so that sea explorers can enjoy activities and programmes with members of their own age. In addition, various education and training programmes, provided by SEK, are constructed to be characterized according to their division and age.
Training Curricula Special Training Options
Exploration &
Pioneer Corps
Basic Education - History of S.E.K., Basic etiquette, Preparation before 5 minute, Close-order drill
- Uniform regulation, Promotion system, Responsibilities and duties, Manners in life
- National anthem, SEK song, Provincial song, Cityˇ¤County song, School song, Navy song
* Basic education as a junior leader - Programme only for College or University Students
Marine Education - River and sea
- Current
- History of the ship
- Constellation
- Wind and wave
- Harbor
- Living things at seaside
- Specimen collection
- Deep sea
- Marine resources
- Diving
- Marine development
- Earth science
- Navigation and marine engineering
- Marine development
- How to guide the art of navigation and engine
Skill Training - Flag signalling
- Study tour on the ship
- Swimming
- Rigging and its use
- First aid and life saving
- Small boat handling
- Boxing the compass
- Experiencing sailing on board
- Rigging and its use
- Artificial respiration
- First aid on the sea
- Boxing the compass
- Small boat handling
- Surveying technique
- How to make chart
- Art of navigation
- How to guide skill training
Group Training - Basic gymnastic
- Special gymnastic
- Sea training
- Camping
- Recreation
- How to survive
- How to manage meeting
- Skin SCUBA training
- How to guide the youth
- Psychology of the youth
Creative Activities - Activities
- Composition
- Assembling model ship
- Operating computer
- Playing musical instrument
- Painting
- Manufacturing creative ships - Leadership training
Service Activities - Various service activities for communities
- Finding our root (study tour of historical sites, studying of regional special products, culture etc.)
- Spreading knowledge (learning of other groups, religious activities, making foreign friends)
- Study activities (nature observation, study of marine life, inland waters and ecology etc.)
- Mental education (Practice of love through honesty, sincerity, faith, cultivation of the mind)