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Korea is surrounded by the sea, with a treasure-trove of resources, on three sides of the peninsula.
The nation's advance into the sea is the only way to provide for Korea's supply of needed natural resources. In this context, Sea Explorers of Korea is instilling a dream and building courage in the minds of young people, and presenting them with a vision of the future on the sea.
SEK's fundamental objective is to shape and build young people, the leaders of the future, into good
By encouraging sea explorers to be familiar with the sea from childhood, SEK encourages its members to acquire basic knowledge for sea development. Through sea-related training, SEK has its members train their minds and bodies and thereby encourage them to heighten their desire to advance into the sea.
Education on shipping, harbour, fisheries, shipbuilding, maritime environment etc. Study tour of maritime museums, maritime science museums, organizations related to maritime and fisheries etc. Sea Schools for weekend, summer and winter. Sea skill training on canoe, kayak, rubber boat, wind surfing, motor boat, flag signalling, knot, life saving etc.
SEK cultivates its members' security consciousness to defend the nation with a patriotic spirit through basic training at military units.
Study tour and basic training at army, navy, air force units and their academies.
SEK members raise their awareness of their country through pilgrimages to national landmarks land and various exploration activities.
Pilgrimage to national landmarks and Seas. Exploration of rivers, waterways, uninhabited islands, coastlines, islands, scientific underwater surveys etc.
Through propagation of maritime leisure sports and recreation, SEK encourages young people to cultivate a sound mind and to live a bright life.
Yacht, water ski, skin scuba, wind surfing, hanglider, paraglider, ultra light machine etc.
SEK is actively managing international exchange programmes to instill international and intercultural understanding, goodwill and friendship in young people all over the world. Through these activities, SEK encourages its members to develop views of the world and to cultivate international understanding in an era of globalization.
International Youth Sea Festival, Overseas Study Tours, ISCA Exchange programmes etc.
SEK provides community service by cleaning neighborhoods, helping the unfortunate, controlling traffic and so forth. By utilizing equipment and various programs, SEK members participates in environmental preservation for future generations.
Service activities of cleaning neighborhoods, helping the unfortunate, controlling traffic etc. Various
maritime environment preservation activities such as campaign for preserving streamlets, environmental photo contests.